Reference Groups

SASTA reference groups give direction to the SASTA Board for taking new initiatives in specific areas of SASTA operations.

You are encouraged to attend a meeting of one or more of these committees and help contribute your ideas in a friendly forum, or just come and listen.


Annual Conference

The Annual Conference and Exhibition held in April is SASTA's largest professional development activitiy and attracts approximately 160 delegates, 25 exhibitors and 50 keynote, cutting edge & workshop presenters.

Contact: Jane Wright, Convenor

National Science Week

The National Science Week committee assesses and awards applications from schools for grants for National Science Week activities.

Contact: Priscilla Martinus, Convenor

Professional Development

SASTA's major focus is on providing professional development opportunities for science teachers and laboratory officers. PD sessions are intended to give teachers and laboratory officers new ideas or new information, and keep them abreast of current trends and technologies, that they can take back into the classroom and laboratory. A Sub-Committee of this group organises the SASTA Annual Conference.
Contact: Jane Wright, Convenor


SASTA is committed to improving ways of delivering effective and relevant services to our members. If you have any ideas of what you would like from your membership that we are not already providing or can suggest improvements we would love to hear from you.
Contact: Mark Divito, Convenor


This reference group deals mainly with the SASTA Newsletter, SASTA Journal and website. People interested writing articles or who can source articles from others are encouraged to contribute to this reference group.
Contact: John Glistak, Convenor


Oversees the many awards handed out by SASTA such as the Credit Union SA Outstanding Teacher Awards, the Helen Castle Memorial Scholarship and the SASTA Medal.
Contact: Bruce Baker, Convenor

Oliphant Science Awards

Organises the annual Oliphant Science Awards student science competition.
Contact: Peter Turnbull & David LeCornu, Convenor Members



We are currently looking for volunteers, committee/reference group members and presenters to add to our database for 2016. If you are interested please take some time to complete our online SASTA Volunteers & Presenters Nomination Form