2018 SASTA Annual Conference & Expo

Call for Presentations is now open

Adelaide High School | 16-17 April 2018

Theme: Spotlight on the Science in STEM

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The Conference will address a range of the content and pedagogies of the Australian Curriculum: Science, however it will also incorporate the theme ‘Spotlight on the Science in STEM’. Session attendees should be actively involved in the learning through a practical and investigative approach. Sessions that link to real world examples of contemporary science in STEM are encouraged.

Possible Workshop Ideas:

  • Hands-on activities for primary, middle and senior school science teachers & laboratory officers;
  • Use of technologies in teaching and learning;
  • Integrated units of work of Science and Literacy etc;
  • Ways of motivating students to consider science in their future careers;
  • Improving students’ confidence and experiences in Science.

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Trade Display & Exhibitor Information

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