chemical word equations

Chemical word equations

Whenever a chemical change has occurred a new chemical substance has been formed. A chemical reaction has occurred. In chemical reactions atoms are not created or destroyed but are rearranged to form the new substances.

Chemical reactions can be represented by a chemical word equation. These show what substances react together and what substances are produced. An arrow between the reactants and the products shows the direction of the chemical reaction. For example when iron rusts, the iron is reacting with oxygen in the air to produce iron oxide (rust). The word equation for this reaction is as follows:

      iron+    oxygen iron oxide

Write the word equations for the following reactions:

1.   Magnesium burning in air to produce magnesium oxide.

2.   Sodium reacting with chlorine to produce sodium chloride.

3.   Iron reacting with sulfur to produce iron sulfide.

4.   Lead reacting with oxygen.

5.   Hydrogen reacting with sulfur.


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