Biology Practical Manual

2015 Biology Practical e-Manual.

To celebrate the 21st annual version of the Biology Practical Manual we are offering a digital alternative with the ‘e-manual’. The entire contents of the Practical Manual, together with other NEW features, will be available as .docx and .pdf files delivered on a CD, for use within you school, subject to a specific annual School Licence.

Key features of the e-manual include:

  • 4 practical for each of the 4 major Topics (Macromolecules, Cells, Organisms and Ecosystems); 2 Pracs for each Topic are ‘Completion’ type and 2 are ‘Design’ type
  • Detailed ‘Teaching Notes’ containing vital information for Teachers and Laboratory technicians
  • Useful checklists for skills required for the particular Practicals
  • Comprehensive assessment tables which will enable allocation of the Performance Standards
  • An annotated exemplar of an ‘A’ standard  Practical Report
  • A sample exam-type Practical Question with an exemplar answer
  • The terms of sale require schools to declare their total 8-12 enrolments and will be classified accordingly as Small (<500), Medium (500 -1000) or Large (>1000).
  • If there are exceptional circumstances for very small rural schools (maximum of 5 Biology students in whole school) please contact the publisher directly before the end of February 2015

The fee for an annual School Licence (incl. GST) will be as follows:

o   For small schools (<500)                                     $110paBIOPM15_e-manual cover

o   For medium schools (500-1000)                          $330pa

o   For large schools (>1000)                                    $550pa


The e-manual package will consist of:

o   A coloured presentation folder

o   A CD with the .docx files in a soft adhesive case

o   A paper copy of the manual for Teacher Reference

o   A School Licence Certificate which should be filed in case of copyright audit

Download Table of Contents - CLICK HERE

Download Sample Pages - CLICK HERE

Download Teaching Notes - CLICK HERE


2015 Biology Practical Manual Booklets (HARDCOPY) will also be available for sale at the usual price of $18.00

If you have purchased a copy of the 2015 Biology Practical Manual - download a free copy of the corresponding Teaching Notes Here


Ordering for the Biology Practical e-Manual (School Licence sold only), as well as 2015 Biology Practical Manual Booklets (hardcopy) is now available via the SASTA Website