Year 8 & 9 Practical Investigation Workbooks

The SASTA Year 8 & 9 Practical Investigations Resources are student workbooks that have been written specifically to support the Australian Curriculum: Science.

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These books can only be ordered as class sets (minimum 20 copies) as they are a student write- in workbook and not a blackline master

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The workbook contains new, up-to-date, engaging and innovative science practicals in an easy to use design.

This write-in workbook guides students through each investigation, encouraging them to practice and enhance their inquiry skillsdesign procedures and answer questions about their learning.

Each practical investigation comes complete with an assessment rubric to allow teacher feedback on student learning.


  • 21 Science Investigations that comprehensively explore the content of Biological sciences, Chemical sciences, Earth and Space sciences and Physical sciences for the Year 8 Australian Curriculum.
  • An emphasis on Science Inquiry Skills.
  • Explanations of how to work scientifically, including; manipulating variables, graphing and measurement.
  • Australian Science Curriculum overview that highlights the context explored in each of the three standards; Science Understanding, Science as a human endeavour and Science Inquiry skills.
  • Assessment rubrics for each practical giving an A - E scale for assessing the Science Inquiry skills.
  • Consistent, easy to use format.

Cost: $18.50 (including GST) per book

Minimum order of 20 copies

Anyone purchasing smaller quantities will have their monies refunded automatically.

(this can be negotiated for schools with smaller class sizes).  

Year 9 Practical Investigation Workbook


The Year 9 workbook reflects the current emphasis on STEM skills through the inclusion of 4 engineering design challenges.

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