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The BHP Foundation Science and Engineering Teacher Awards recognise outstanding contributions made by classroom teachers to science education.

Teacher finalists are selected from around Australia. Each Science Teachers Association is invited to nominate one teacher, chosen for their excellence in teaching, their support of open-ended student investigations and their suitability to represent their state or territory. 


2020   Anthea Ponte      

Anthea Ponte is the STEM Coordinator at Hawthorndene Primary School in South Australia.

Anthea is a passionate science educator who has taught Science and Biology for more than 17 years. Most recently, she has pursued her passion for Primary Science as a STEM Teacher, Senior Leader and STEM Coordinator. Working as a mentor alongside classroom teachers, Anthea builds the confidence and capacity of her colleagues to develop and deliver excellence in STEM education. Her application of exemplary inquiry-based pedagogy cultivates curiosity and analytical and innovative thinking in her students, helping them develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions to become agents of change in a diverse, rapidly evolving society.

View Anthea's video interview below.

CSIRO BHP AWARDS 2020 - Teacher Anthea Ponte from CSIRO on Vimeo.


2019   Kathleen Best
2018 Vira Wallis
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