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ASTA Board appoints Nathan Curnow as next President


The Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA) today announced that its Board have appointed Nathan Curnow in the role of President, for 2020-2021.

Nathan is a member of the Science Teachers Association of Western Australia (STAWA) and Associate Head of Science at John Curtin College of the Arts, Western Australia. A passionate science teacher for many years, Nathan has had experience at both state and national level as a STEM educator and leader. Nathan cites his involvement in events organised by his local member association as critical to connecting him to other professionals, opportunities and expertise that he would otherwise have not been exposed to.

“Nathan is a well-respected STEM professional and educator, an active member of STAWA and passionate about ASTA’s key projects, such as the STEM X Academy, Science Assist and the Japan Teacher exchange. He is keen to embrace the shift towards 21st century learning and STEM education while continuing to innovate and advocate on behalf of Australian science educators,” said Geoff Quinton, President of ASTA.

Nathan will commence his term in 2019 as the ASTA President Elect, before officially stepping into the role of President in 2020-2021.

Geoff Quinton

Australian Science Teachers Association

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