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Posted by SASTA

on 30/11/2021

Please see below the details of vacant science teaching positions we've been provided with:

You can also visit the following websites for a list of all teaching positions available.

If your school is currently advertising a science teaching position please let us know via email -

SACE Board South Australia

The SACE Board is seeking teachers and education leaders who are interested in joining us as Education Consultants. We currently have vacancies in our Science and Mathematics Faculty and are keen to hear from innovative educators looking for an opportunity to work with other educators across SA, NT and with our international partners. 

We are building a new team in 2022 to further the delivery of our strategic vision to shape, quality education so that young people thrive!

The SACE Board’s strategic plan is an aspirational vision of leading educational change and student transformation.  This plan presents opportunities for innovative educators to influence and drive exciting new initiatives that provide students with the ability to thrive now and in the future.  As recognised leaders in education we are seeking educational leaders who will influence and drive exciting new initiatives as part of our change agenda, so it is an exciting time to join our team


The Education Consultant is responsible for the strategic development, recognition and implementation of curriculum, assessment and quality assurance.  They bring subject expertise and build strong partnerships with schools to ensure maximum positive impact on students’ ability to thrive. As leading educators their contribution to education innovation and the thrive agenda is vital to the achievement of the SACE Board’s strategic plan.

These exciting roles present an opportunity to be a key leader in managing transformational change, continuous improvement and innovation in education enabling students to thrive. The positions are fixed term, and you will be based in Waymouth St, Adelaide. The position description can be found here: Education Consultant.

If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to send in an application to Hender Consulting, details available at

To apply, we are looking for a CV and a brief letter of application to give us insight into your achievements and interest in the role. You can also reach out for a conversation with Justin Hinora from Hender Consulting on (08) 8100 8827 or Natalie Hamood, Director, Education Services, SACE Board on 8115 4785.

For further information on the SACE Board, please visit