2019 SASTA Annual Conference & Expo

15-16 April 2019

Venue: Pulteney Grammar School

Theme: Thinking Science

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The Conference will address a range of the content and pedagogies of the Australian Curriculum: Science. Session attendees will be actively involved in learning through a practical and investigative approach and include links to real world examples of contemporary science in STEM.

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Keynote Speakers

Classroom Science - Real World Research - where the two meet
Associate Professor Alan Duffy

The workplace of the 21st Century will require our students to embrace lifelong learning and undertake retraining for multiple jobs and careers, some of which haven’t even been created yet. No longer is there a job for life, instead ‘learning to learn’ is the only guarantee for lifelong employment. Against the twin challenge of overly-prescribed curriculums and ‘teaching for the test’ pressure, there is now a real risk our students don’t have the time to self-learn and, critically, the permission to fail in their path to that knowledge. University-school project partnerships offer a place where students can safely experience the realities of a work environment, where the route to success is unclear, and required learning is uncovered along the way. I will present my experiences, the successes and learnings, of such projects, and explore ways for you and your school to undertake your own with a partner university. 

Understanding the role of science in the post-truth era
Professor Sandra Orgeig

In today’s post-truth era, which is characterized by an erosion of trust in scientists and the scientific process, we are facing unprecedented anti-science sentiment. Social media are dominated by popular figures peddling scientific misinformation, pseudoscience and so-called alternative facts or alternative science. There is a frightening rise among the general population, in social media and among our leaders of the use of phrases such as ‘I don’t believe in vaccinations’ or ‘I don’t believe in climate change’, thereby equating the scientific process with a faith-based belief system and discounting the scientific evidence. These phenomena represent a grave danger to our society and our environment and demand an unprecedented effort from us as scientists and science educators to promote an understanding and appreciation of the scientific process among the general public and to regain their trust.

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2019 SASTA Annual Conference & Expo

Date: Monday 15th to Tuesday 16th April 2019

Time: 8.30am - 5.00pm

Venue: Pulteney Grammar School

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