2020 SASTA Annual Conference & Expo

2020 Annual Conference banner


Call for workshop presenters 

23-24 April 2020

Venue: Pulteney Grammar School

Theme: Science Saving the Planet

SHARE your good ideas – submit a workshop proposal for the conference! Presenting workshops for your colleagues is an excellent way to share best practice and develop a community of educators across the state. 

TAKE PART in a broad program of professional learning workshops for primary and secondary teachers, including laboratory and computer workshops, hands-on activities, seminars and discussions.

GAIN valuable experience in leading learning that will enrich your own professional standards.


Conference focus:

The conference will address a range of the content and pedagogies of the Australian Curriculum: Science. Session attendees should be actively involved in the learning through a practical and investigative approach. Sessions that link to real world examples of contemporary science in STEM are encouraged.

Possible ideas around the theme:

  • Civics and citizenship connecting with science
  • Exploring climate change solutions
  • Why is plant health so important?
  • Learning from our first nations people
  • Water security
  • Aquaponics for your school
  • Science and sustainability

Click here to submit a proposal for the SASTA Annual Conference by Sunday February 9 2020.



Trade & Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in finding out more or registering for our 2020 SASTA Annual Conference Expo, Please head to our 2020 Trade Display & Exhibitors Page