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Monday 27 September 2021

Nazareth Catholic College

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Theme: Setting up for Success

“The new teacher assumes full pedagogical and legal responsibility as soon as they enter the school. No other profession has such high expectations of its newest members.” (Tynjala & Heikkinen, 2014)

The aim of the conference is for our early career teachers to walk away equipped with the resources and best practice strategies for building their confidence and capabilities.

The Conference will include specialised workshops for both Primary and Secondary Teachers

You may wish to consider choosing from the categories below when determining the focus of your presentation:

The early Years

  • exploration of the reality of teaching experiences and the chance to address challenges that may arise in these early years.
  • professional and personal wellbeing

Unpacking the curriculum 

  • highlighting the essential components of the science curriculum e.g. SHE, General Capabilities, to allow teachers to develop effective and engaging lessons and teaching programs
  • teaching specific aspects of the science understanding content
  • STEM education

Inquiry-based learning

  • developing creative strategies to integrate the science inquiry skills and critical and creative thinking into the teaching of science
  • building student capacity to construct their own learning.


  • discussing how different types of assessment can be used to monitor student achievement and guide future learning opportunities
  • e-exams

Workshop submissions close Friday 2 July.

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