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Workshop submissions close Friday 24 September.

Friday 26 November 2021

Underdale High School

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Theme: How does STEM help us battle threats to our world?

Many of the problems we face in our world today will not be solved by today’s adults, but by the students in our classrooms. Whether it is inventing a better way to distribute clean water, repopulate endangered species, or traveling and colonizing Mars; our students will be the ones leading the way.

The 2021 STEM conference will bring together classroom teachers, leaders in education and businesses who are interested in sharing and exploring teaching methods, tools, resources, and related activities for implementing STEM education into our schools and communities.

The workshop presentations aim to cover a range of the content and pedagogies of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, Science, Design & Technology, and ICT.

You may wish to consider choosing from the categories below when determining the focus of your presentation:

Literacy and Science/Maths

  • integrating science/maths with literacy to enhance learning in both areas
  • writing for purpose and audience - video or other multimedia presentations in science/maths
  • identifying a range of strategies designed to deliberately incorporate literacy learning opportunities into science/maths contexts.

Unpacking the curriculum 

  • highlighting the essential components of the science/maths curriculum e.g. SHE, General Capabilities, to allow teachers to develop effective and engaging lessons and teaching programs
  • best practice teaching of specific science or maths concepts
  • STEM education

Inquiry-based learning

  • developing creative strategies to integrate inquiry and critical and creative thinking into the teaching of science and maths
  • building student capacity to construct their own learning.

Looking for ideas of topics that link directly to the theme of the conference?  Here are some that might get you started!

  • Bushfires - science research, threat reductions, Indigenous input
  • Allocation of resources and sustainability
  • Water Security
  • Threats to Biodiversity
  • The psychology of pandemics and effect on health
  • Use of data and modelling - Pandemic data and analysis
  • Surviving financially
  • Assessing fake news e.g. Is 5G dangerous?
  • Industry retooling and refocusing efforts during Covid19.
  • PIRSA maths and the value of fruit fly problems and controls

Participants should be actively involved in the learning through a practical and investigative approach and sessions that link to real world examples of contemporary STEM are encouraged.

Workshop submissions close Friday 24 September.

Hosted by the South Australian Science Teachers Association and the Mathematical Association of South Australia.

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