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Biology: Levels of Life Australian Curriculum Edition

Biology: Levels of Life Australian Curriculum Edition, written by experienced authors Brian LeCornu and Tony Diercks, was first published in November 2017 for the new stage 2 SACE course in 2018.

The book was reprinted in October 2019, with updates to match the minor changes in the subject outline for 2020. This reprint is completely compatible with the original version, as the page integrity has been maintained throughout the book.

As you can see from the sample pages, it has an attractive layout and is easy to read. Biological ideas and concepts are communicated clearly and unambiguously.  

Features of the book include:  

  • clear and colourful headings
  • important terms in bold text boxes that contain interesting additional information
  • study questions at the end of each chapter, that enable students to check their understanding
  • QR codes and tiny URLs that link quickly and easily to relevant scientific articles, documents, videos, and animations
  • a special symbol is used throughout the book to highlight sections that relate to science as a human endeavour (SHE)
  • an extensive glossary that is really a biology mini-dictionary
  • a comprehensive index
  • a compact design, so the book is easy to carry between school and home.
  • The chapters have been carefully planned and can be taught as standalone units.

* Please note that some Biology: Levels of Life (2018) textbooks remain in limited supply