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Posted by SASTA

on 11/05/2022

We are looking for student entrants to design a logo for the Research Hub for Advanced Manufacturing with 2D Materials (AM2D).

The winner will receive a $100 gift voucher of their choosing, and they (along with 2 friends and a teacher from their school) will receive a tour of the AM2D labs.

AM2D is a place where scientists and industry will develop innovative techniques and technologies using two-dimensional (2D) materials. AM2D seeks to impact a variety of industries including energy storage, water treatment, and sensors. The Research Hub for AM2D will commence operations sometime in 2022.

The logo design will form the basis of AM2D's entire brand and will feature on everything - the website, social media, videos, presentations, conferences, and on merchandise. It's a vitally important aspect of AM2D!

Submissions are due 17 June 2022.

Below is some guidance that might help to spark some inspiration:

A material having atomic-scale thickness is considered to be "2D". AM2D will explore and harness the unique properties of these materials to revolutionise the performance of, among other things, batteries, supercapacitors, water treatment membranes, coatings (inks/paints), and sensors. AM2D will also explore how to produce the 2D materials at a scale and quality suitable for these applications.

You might have heard of graphene (2D carbon), but there are a host of other 2D materials whose properties are yet to be fully explored. Some examples of other 2D materials which AM2D will explore are boron nitride, molybdenum disulfide, and manganese dioxide.

Advanced manufacturing refers to the use of innovations to improve, control or optimise a process or the production of something.

AM2D brings together researchers and industrial partners from all over Australia with expertise in physics, chemistry, manufacturing, and research commercialisation. 

Some other useful information is below:

  • We are looking for something that is clean and sleek.
  • There are lots of internet resources on logo design and on 2D materials, and nanotechnology which might assist you.
  • The Director and the Manager of AM2D will select the winning designs.
  • A graphics designer will create the final versions of the logo based on the winner's design.
  • The winning design may require some edits or other amendments as required by the graphics designer.
  • Be mindful to not include any image from a third-party source (like Google Images) in your design. Such images might inspire your design, but cannot be copied and used directly into the design.
  • Your submission can be in any format you like.
  • You can enter as many designs into this form as you'd like!

For more details visit the website: