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  • Peter Beveridge - President
  • Anita Trenwith - Vice President
  • Peter Turnbull - Treasurer
  • Glen Arthur
  • Meegan Ballantyne
  • Katrina Elliott
  • Katie Gloede
  • Dina Phan
  • Anthea Ponte

 Information on how to become a board member can be found in the Members' Area. 

Download SASTA's Constitution

Download SASTA's Strategic Plan

Reference Groups

SASTA reference groups give direction to the SASTA Board for taking new initiatives in specific areas of SASTA operations.

You are encouraged to attend a meeting of one or more of these committees and help contribute your ideas in a friendly forum, or just come and listen. 


Professional Development

SASTA's major focus is on providing professional development opportunities for science teachers and laboratory officers. PD sessions are intended to give teachers and laboratory officers new ideas or new information, and keep them abreast of current trends and technologies, that they can take back into the classroom and laboratory. A Sub-Committee of this group organises the SASTA Annual Conference.

Contact: Glen Arthur & Katrina Elliott, Co-chairs

Click here to read the PD Reference Group Terms of Reference


Membership and Awards

The focus of the Membership and Awards Reference Group is to review, evolve and advocate SASTA's membership and awards programs to the benefit of all members. In an effort to increase involvement from regional members, all meetings will be held via Zoom to encourage and enable members from both regional and metro areas to participate.

Contact: Anthea Ponte & Dina Phan, Co-chairs

Click here to read the Membership and Awards Reference Group Terms of Reference


Policy Development

Tasked with creating and implementing policies and procedures for the Association.

Contact: Peter Beveridge, Chair


Oliphant Science Awards

Organises the annual Oliphant Science Awards student science competition.

Contact: Peter Turnbull & Gerald Little, Co-convenors

Click here to read the OSA Reference Group Committee Charter



Are you interested in being a part of SASTA in 2021?

We are currently looking for volunteers, committee/reference group members and presenters to add to our database for 2021. If you are interested please take some time to complete our online SASTA Volunteers & Presenters Nomination Form