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The SASTA Honour Awards were first introduced in 2007 and are designed to recognise SASTA member’s contribution to SASTA. This contribution may be in a specific area or areas which contribute to the objectives aims of SASTA but may not be at a level to receive the SASTA Medal. The SASTA Medal is the highest honour awarded by SASTA. The next highest is the Honour Award. The areas could relate to the functions of the Board, one of the subcommittees or reference groups or representing SASTA.

2023 Cliff Rothenberg
2022 Peter Turnbull
2021 Glen Arthur
2021 Katrina Elliott
2020 Yvonne Zeegers
2013 Jan Brooks
2013 Ian Maynard
2012 John Glistak
2012 Janine Rowe
2011 John Glistak
2010 Jan Brooks
2010 Chris Jordison
2010 Priscilla Martinus
2010 Sharon Russo
2010 Peter Schodde OAM
2009 Brendan Dowling
2009 Martin Rumsby
2009 Angas Wood
2008 Mark Divito
2008 Chris Evans
2008 Michael McCann
2008 Ian McMahon
2008 Cliff Rothenberg
2008 Kathy Zed
2007 John Glistak
2007 David LeCornu
2007 Mike Roach
2007 Jane Wright