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Posted by SASTA

on 04/03/2024

Westminster School became a Science Active School in 2023 for their commitment and dedication to Science Education, and their involvement with and support of SASTA. 


As a Science Active School, Westminster School have contributed to SASTA through:

  • Currently hold a SASTA Corporate membership
  • Participate in the Oliphant Science Awards
  • Staff member attendance at the SASTA annual conference and workshops
  • Had a submission printed in the SASTA Journal, blog and newsletter
  • Staff member presented at SASTA conferences
  • Staff members presenting lab and classroom based professional learning with SASTA


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Jason Greenslade, Science Curriculum Leader, provides some insight into what being a Science Active School means at Westminster School.

Westminster School Science continues to support Science teachers and science teaching across the state as much as we can. We believe that growing the essential science skills: inquiry, hypothesising, asking questions, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, science literacy etc. are critical for all elements of life and help students succeed in our senior classes. We continue to assist SASTA in running lab-based PL and classroom based PL and supporting teachers from across the sectors in task design and differentiation. We will work with and support anyone who is motivated by a love of science education and a want to help students achieve their absolute best in their studies.

As we upgrade our Farm and Agricultural learning facilities, we are emphasising the indispensability of scientific expertise in all agricultural enterprises.We are architecting a state-of-the-art learning environment, a realm where agricultural sciences are not mere theoretical entities but are tangibly interwoven with our day-to-day agricultural learning and production undertakings.

You can view the full blog post on agricultural science at Westminster here.


Do you think your school has what it takes to be a Science Active School? Apply here!