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Posted by SASTA

on 01/04/2024

Clarendon Primary School became a Science Active School in 2023 for their commitment and dedication to Science Education, and their involvement with and support of SASTA. 


As a Science Active School, Clarendon Primary School have contributed to SASTA through:

  • A member of staff with a SASTA membership
  • Participating in the Oliphant Science Awards
  • A member of staff volunteering as a judge for the Oliphant Science Awards
  • SASTA committee participation in the Oliphant Science Awards
  • Staff member attendance at the SASTA annual conference.
  • Presented at a SASTA conference


STEAM teacher, Kathleen, shares what it means to them to be a Science Active School, and some of the science programs that are happening in their school.


We are really touched to be a Science Active School and we feel it’s something which reflects all the work our staff and students do here.

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We run STEAM as a Specialist subject at our school, along with a Kitchen Garden program. We also run a Young Environmental Leaders group and participate in the Oliphant Science Awards. We have a strong emphasis on Science at our school and we feel it is very important to be science literate in everyday life. 

We have spent this past year working on a few projects that have been funded by grants, including linking Kaurna culture to our school revegetation project. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our school site and looking at the science behind our general environment. We also have wildlife cameras which we use to run regular wildlife surveys.


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Do you think your school has what it takes to be a Science Active School? Apply here!