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SASTA offers its members an award for excellent contribution to science education or teaching or both. The SASTA Medal takes the form of an inscribed golden medallion, which will be presented at the annual SASTA conference.

It is a requirement that recipients of the medal will have clearly demonstrated an outstanding long-term commitment to one or more areas of science education.

The SASTA Medal can be awarded to any member from R-12 through to post-secondary areas of education. Do you know someone who fits the following criteria?

Criteria 1

The nominator must be a current member of SASTA.

Criteria 2

The nominee must have been a member or been involved with SASTA for at least 10 years.

Criteria 3

The nominee should have made a significant contribution to SASTA in any of the following areas over a period of at least four years.
• SASTA committees
• Voluntary contributions to SASTA
• Representing SASTA

Criteria 4

The nominee should have had active involvement in science education in any of the following areas:
• Teaching
• Inservicing
• Curriculum development
• Consulting/advising
• Writing articles or books
• Serving on reference groups
• Representing science teachers

If you wish to nominate someone for the SASTA Medal please complete the form below with as much detail as possible. It may be easier as a faculty to nominate someone, in order to share information. You can nominate yourself for this Award.

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