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PRE-ORDER: 2020 Psychology Study Guide

PRE-ORDER: 2020 Psychology Study Guide

The SASTA Psychology Study Guide is a resource for students preparing for the SACE Stage 2 Psychology exam.

The Guide contains questions with worked solutions covering each topic of the Subject Outline and address all sections of the exam. In addition, there is a Skills checklist and a Subject Outline checklist to help students with their revision.

New for the 2020 Study Guide:

  • all sections reviewed
  • new questions added to the Revision section
  • full set of suggested solutions to the 2019 exam supplied.

Stock is expected toward the end of May 2020 (the arrival date of this publication is subject to change). 

Available for pre-order online ONLY.

ISBN: 978-0 6486602-4-8


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Price: $29.00