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Stage 1 Psychology 2021 Starter Pack

Stage 1 Psychology 2021 Starter Pack


The Stage 1 Psychology 2021 Starter Pack contains resources from the recent Planning for Stage 1 Psychology 2021 workshops.

Note, there may have been changes to the curriculum since then, so these resources may no longer be relevant.

They have been compiled by Deb Green and Kirsty Gebert, who presented the workshops.

ALSO AVAILABLE: Stage 1 Psychology Workshop Recording 


This Starter Pack contains:

  • Example Semester Planners for different cohorts
  • D&D supporting documents
  • D&D exemplars for:
    - Cyberpsychology
    - Forensics Psychology
    - Cognitive Psychology
  • SHE task supporting documents
  • SHE task exemplars
  • SAT task supporting documents and ideas

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