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PRE-ORDER: SACE Stage 1 Biology Workbook - 3rd Ed.

PRE-ORDER: SACE Stage 1 Biology Workbook - 3rd Ed.

The Third Edition of the popular SASTA Stage 1 Biology Workbook sets students on the path to success in their study of biology through its clear and engaging narrative, innovative use of art and photos, and superior contextual questions that enhance teaching and learning.

The Third Edition provides an unmatched comprehensive text fully mapped to the Stage 1 Biology Course in South Australia. The text is highly organised and emphasises essential biological concepts while keeping students engaged with learning outcomes that assess progress in understanding. The workbook has the concise, accessible, and engaging writing style of past editions while maintaining a clear emphasis on developing the reader’s ability to apply their knowledge in new and familiar contexts rather than simply recalling it. Some major strengths of the text include its ability to develop critical thinking, problem-solving skills, comprehensive factual knowledge, and its aesthetically stunning artwork that represents complex topics clearly and succinctly.




ISBN: 978-0-6452365-8-3

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