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SACE Stage 2 Physics workbook - 3rd Ed. revised

SACE Stage 2 Physics workbook - 3rd Ed. revised


ISBN: 978-0-9808605-5-9



The Stage 2 Physics Workbook 3rd Edition has been completely reviewed and improved with any needed corrections made.

To make sure that this edition is completely compatible with the second edition of the workbook, the page numbers and section headers have all been kept the same, hence the table of contents is identical for both editions.

Here is a summary of what makes the third editions different to the second editions:

  1. The new editions have expanded text in every chapter. The extra information deepens the reader’s knowledge and application by transitioning their understanding from surface to deep.
  2. The third editions all have hundreds of new questions (and solutions) not seen in the second edition. The new questions are designed to let students to apply their knowledge to new and familiar contexts.
  3. The third editions have MUCH improved artwork which helps simplify concepts while bringing them to life. 
  4. The third editions have new topic tests that help students prepare for Skills and Applications Tasks (Tests).

The third editions also link directly to the brand new videos that will be available beginning at the start of Term 1, 2023. The second editions do not sync up with the videos at all.