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28 & 29 April 2022

Westminster School

Conference Theme: Let's Talk Science!

The theme of the 2022 conference is a focus on scientific literacy in science.

The Conference will include specialised workshops for both Primary and Secondary Teachers

When determining the focus of your presentation, you may wish to consider the following prompts:

  • Literacy strategies and practices that enable individuals to understand, synthesise and communicate Science content knowledge.
  • What are the highly evidenced reading, viewing, writing, speaking, and listening strategies that students should use to access, understand and communicate scientific knowledge and understanding?
  • Technical and non-technical language of the Australian Curriculum: Science.
  • Strategies that support the development of student’s understanding of scientific concepts, phenomena and processes, and their ability to apply this knowledge to new, unfamiliar and, at times, non-scientific situations.
  • How do we support students to foster the love of reading in science? How do we ensure diverse learners are able to meet the complex demands of reading for science?
  • What are the range of texts students are exposed to and must write in our classrooms? How do we support our students to write these texts considering the technical language and genre?

Workshop submissions close on Monday 7 February 2022. Click here to submit a workshop.

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