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11 & 12 July 2022

Conference Theme: Let's Talk Science!

The theme of the 2022 conference is a focus on scientific literacy in science.

Join primary and secondary teachers and other members of the science education community at SASTA’s 2022 Annual Conference, 11-12 July at Westminster School.

The theme of the conference is ‘Let’s Talk Science!’ and aims to inform and inspire delegates with current research and practices in the fields of science, as well as in the classroom.

The program is shaping up well with a broad program of seminars, discussions and professional learning workshops, and hands-on activities.

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Keynote speakers

Monday’s keynote presentation will be from Heather Catchpole, co-founder and Managing Director of Refraction Media. Science is much more than the wow factor chemistry explosions you see in the lab. Science and STEM are intrinsic to our everyday lives and are part of careers as diverse as retail, food processing and flood control. For a decade, STEM specialist content company Refraction Media has communicated the relevance of STEM to students, parents, government and industry through Heather will discuss this further in her presentation: ‘STEM + X: linking students with smarter careers’.

Tuesday’s keynote presentation will be from Associate Professor Debra Panizzon, who is an adjunct at Monash University and Research Analyst for the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia. As teachers of science, we strive to support our students in developing scientific knowledge, the processes and ways of ‘thinking scientifically’ (inclusive of SHE), and scientific skills. Forty years of research in science education demonstrates that if we are to engage, interest and help our students construct a solid, longer-term understanding of science, we need to focus on building conceptual understanding. Debra’s presentation ‘Learning progressions, language and building conceptual understanding – a powerful trio in science education!’ will cover this in more detail.

Cutting Edge speakers

Cutting Edge speakers include:

  • Dr Ian Moffat’s research applies geological techniques to help understand archaeological sites
  • Dr Yee Lian Chew uses the roundworm C. elegans to study how neurochemical signals in the nervous system work together to coordinate complex behaviours.
  • Dr Vitomir Kovanovic’s research focuses on development of learning analytics systems to provide insights into student learning and guide pedagogical interventions.
  • Jarrad Kowlessar is an Australian archaeologist who specialises in digital archaeology and geomatic techniques
  • Dr David Hobbs will discuss the process for using and developing ‘serious games’ – computer games that motivate and engage end users, but also deliver health outcomes for people requiring rehabilitation
  • Roland Wilson's work with the Bureau comprises designing and implementing the Australian Warning System framework for Space Weather, to enable emergency management systems and the general public to be better informed about potential space weather event impacts and emergency responses to them.

More details from all our presenters can be found in the Conference program.

Conference Program

The complete program of concurrent sessions is now available with over 35 sessions to choose from.

So, come along in July to network with others and see what you can learn in order to teach and inspire your students! Earlybird registrations close on 3 June!

Sponsored by Credit Union SA and Naval Shipbuilding College

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2022 SASTA Annual Conference & Expo



Time: 8.30am - 5.30pm

Venue: Westminster School

Earlybird cutoff: 03/06/2022

Bookings close: 06/07/2022

Event Pricing

Type Earlybird price Regular price
Non-Member (1 day) $260.00 $300.00
Personal Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
Personal Member - Lab Officer (1 day) $110.00 $150.00
SASTA Student Member (1 day) $35.00 $70.00
Corporate Member (SA School) (1 day) $200.00 $240.00
Corporate Member (Business or Interstate School) (1 day) $200.00 $240.00
Life Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
Retired Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
Joint Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Non-Member) (1 day) $130.00 $150.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Member) (1 day) $70.00 $90.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Corporate - SA School) (1 day) $100.00 $120.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Lab Officer) (1 day) $55.00 $75.00
1st Year of Teaching SASTA Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
2nd Year of Teaching SASTA Member (1 day) $140.00 $180.00
Type Earlybird price Regular price
Non-Member (2 days) $400.00 $440.00
Personal Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
Personal Member - Lab Officer (2 days) $180.00 $220.00
SASTA Student Member (2 days) $60.00 $120.00
Corporate Member (SA School) (2 days) $310.00 $350.00
Corporate Member (Business or Interstate School) (2 days) $310.00 $350.00
Life Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
Retired Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
Joint Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Non-Member) (2 days) $300.00 $330.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Member) (2 days) $165.00 $195.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Corporate - SA School) (2 days) $232.50 $262.50
Presenter Non-Commercial (Lab Officer) (2 days) $135.00 $165.00
1st Year of Teaching SASTA Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
2nd Year of Teaching SASTA Member (2 days) $220.00 $260.00
Presenter Non-Commercial (Member) (2 days) $165.00 $195.00

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