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Call for workshops now open! Scroll down to submit a workshop.

This year the STEM Conference will be bigger than ever! We’re excited to expand the Conference this year to include primary years teachers as well as secondary in collaboration with the following organisations:

  • Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA - SA)
  • EdTech SA

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  • Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA)
  • South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA)

Conference Theme: Harnessing STEM: Empowering Innovators

"Harnessing STEM" is a specialised conference for ALL, sharing the potential of STEM to nurture hope, shape positivity and build thriving communities.

Come together to propel STEM education forward. “Harnessing STEM” promises to be a platform for inspiration, collaboration, and the Igniting of passion. 

The year’s Conference will include specialised workshops for both Primary and Secondary Teachers. 

There will be the option to submit the usual hour-long workshop or a 30-minute workshop (which will be held in the last time slot of the day)

You may wish to consider choosing from the categories below when determining the focus of your presentation:

  1. Hope in STEM Education:
    • Understanding the pivotal role of hope in STEM learning.
    • Strategies for fostering hope in the face of challenges in STEM subjects.
    • Building a culture of optimism within STEM classrooms.
  2. Thriving in the STEM Classroom:
    • Leveraging technology to enhance STEM teaching and learning.
    • Incorporating real-world applications to enhance engagement.
    • Creating interactive and collaborative STEM learning environments.
  3. Innovations in Science and Mathematics Education:
    • Nurturing a growth mindset in students pursuing science and mathematics.
    • Project-based learning for hands-on exploration in science and mathematics.
    • Learning from success stories and addressing challenges in science and mathematics education.
  4. Wellbeing in STEM:
    • Applying metacognition principles to enhance student motivation in STEM.
    • Promoting a strengths-based approach to teaching STEM.
    • Enhancing teacher well-being for sustainable STEM education.
  5. Collaborative Advancements in STEM:
    • Building effective partnerships between STEM teachers.
    • The impact of community involvement in promoting STEM education.
    • Collaborative initiatives for a positive STEM ecosystem.
  6. Inspiring STEM Success Stories:
    • Showcasing exemplary cases of schools and educators making a positive impact in STEM education.
    • Sharing interdisciplinary approaches for a holistic STEM education.
    • Demonstrating the potential for STEM to create positive student collaboration.

Call for workshops close on Sunday 22 September. Scroll down to submit a workshop.

Hosted by the South Australian Science Teachers Association (SASTA), Design and Technology Teachers Association (DATTA - SA), EdTech SA and the Mathematical Association of South Australia (MASA).


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