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Q: Can I place an order over the phone?

A: No, we do not under any circumstances take orders over the phone. If you cannot / prefer not to order online, please either email the team (school orders only to or drop into our store during office hours and purchase the item(s) directly.

Q: Do you offer a refund or exchange on items purchased?

A: No, we do not offer refunds, exchange or store credit.

That being said, if the item you purchased from SASTA is faulty, we will happily exchange the item for you, providing we have that same item in stock and you have proof of purchase.  

Please be aware that we do not offer a refund, exchange or store credit for change of mind - buying a book from us "by accident" equates to change of mind. We therefore ask that you choose your items carefully when purchasing resources from SASTA.

NB: There are many resources available, and we do not, by any means, stock all resources for all subjects and there is not one "recommended resource" for each year level / subject. Teachers and schools use their preferred resources, which may not be a SASTA resource. As such, we strongly suggest that you check with your school prior to purchasing to ensure you are buying the product you require. We are not aware of what each school uses for each subject, so please don't ask us, as we will be unable to answer. The onus is on you, the customer, to know what it is you require BEFORE purchasing online or directly from us at the SASTA office.

We thank you for your understanding on this matter.

Q: Is is possible to get digital versions of SASTA resources?

A: We regret to advise that none of the SASTA resources are available in digital format, with the exception of Trial Exams which are available only in digital format.

Q: I'm ordering online and the page is asking for a Promo Code. What is this and how do I get one? Can I proceed without one?

A: Please ignore this - there are no Promo Codes. The field asking for a code is not a required field and you can therefore proceed with your purchase without entering a Promo Code.

Q: I added some items to my cart before I realised I don't need them, but now I can't remove them. What should I do?

A: Contact the SASTA team - the only recourse here is that a staff member deletes your order from the back end and you start the ordering process all over again. Please do not proceed with your order until a SASTA team member has given you the go ahead to do so.

Q: Do SASTA members receive a discount on resource orders?

A: No, resource prices are the same for members and non-members.

Q: Can anyone purchase resources from SASTA? Or do you have to be a Science Teacher or a SASTA member (or both)?

A: Anyone who requires any of our resources can purchase directly from SASTA. There is no need to be a member or a Science teacher. In fact, many schools recommend that their students purchase directly from SASTA.

NB: Our Trial Exams, Test Packs and Topic Tests are exclusively for teacher / school purchase.

Q: I don't live that far from SASTA, can I drop into your office and purchase my item(s) directly from you?

A: Yes, you can absolutely do that. We strongly recommend that you call beforehand to make sure that a) we're in the office and b) we have the item you need in stock. For your information, we take credit card (including Paywave) and cash payments. We will not accept bank transfers for on the spot purchases.

Q: How much does it cost to have my order sent directly to me and what method of delivery do you use?

A: Depending upon what you ordered, we will either use Australia Post, Sendle or APD Parcel Delivery (courier) for delivery. Please note that there is no delivery fee on eResources.

There is a standard flat fee of $13.50* (AUD) per order, plus a per item fee of $1.50* for each item ordered. For example, if you order four (4) books, your delivery fee will be $13.50 + (4 x $1.50) = $19.50*. Please note that the examples given are for orders being sent to an Australian address.

If you do not live in Australia but would like to order some products from SASTA, please email the team on ( who will provide a personalised quote for your order. Online ordering is not available for international orders.

* Prices listed are inclusive of GST.

Q: How long will my order take to arrive?

A: There are a number of factors at play here; what you've ordered, delivery location, item availability, when you ordered and so on. Orders placed during SASTA business hours (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, closed public holidays) are generally shipped within 24 hours. If you require an item urgently, it might be best to pop in store and purchase the item directly from us. 

If you placed an order for delivery and you haven't received it within either ten business days (SA orders) or fifteen business days (interstate orders), please contact the SASTA team during business hours on 08) 8354 0006 to make enquiries.

Q: I ordered an item and selected "pick up from SASTA" as the delivery method. When can I pick up my order?

A: You will receive an email and a text message from the SASTA team informing you that your order is ready for collection and where to collect it from. Please wait for this email before you contact the team to enquire. There is a minimum order processing time of one hour (during business hours), therefore we request that you don't order and then simply arrive at SASTA to collect your item without having been notified that your order is ready.

If you haven't received an email regarding collection within two business days of having ordered your item(s), please check your junk mail and, if no email has been received, please call the team during office hours on 08) 8354 0006 to enquire.

Q: An item that I require is sold out / out of stock. When will new stock arrive?

A: This depends upon the item. Some items, such as Study Guides, will not be restocked once sold out. We strongly suggest that you pre-order any 2024 Study Guides that you require from January 2024 so that you don't miss out. Please be aware that individuals who choose to pre-order must pay for their item(s) at the time of pre-order. Pre-orders can only be made online

Q: Can I order online but do a bank transfer for payment? 

A: Yes, you certainly can; simply select the Bank transfer option during the ordering process, finalise your order and you will receive an invoice by email shortly afterwards. This invoice will have the SASTA bank details listed at the bottom of the page. When performing your bank transfer, please be sure to put your surname and invoice number as a reference for your payment. This will facilitate matching your payment with your order. 

Please note that orders paid via EFT will not be shipped / made available for collection until your payment has been received by SASTA, a process that can take up to five business days.

Q: I purchased the wrong item by mistake, what are my options?

A: If you genuinely purchased the wrong book (i.e. you bought a Stage 1 resource when you needed a Stage 2), contact the team who will endeavour to find a solution for you.

If you bought an item from SASTA when you were supposed to buy a similar item from a different company, we will not offer any refund, exchange or store credit, as this is considered Change of Mind. For more details, please see Question / Answer 2 above on this page.

Unfortunately, if you purchased the wrong eResource, there will be no refund or exchange. This is because we do not have any way of getting the eResource back - you have access to the eResource as soon as you have paid for that item.

We ask that you choose carefully before adding items to your shopping cart.


Q: I live outside of Australia but I need to purchase some of your publications. What is the best way to order the items I require?

A: The SASTA website is only for use by people who are able to provide an Australian address for delivery. You will not be able to place an order if your address is not in Australia.

We invite you to contact the SASTA team by email on who will provide a personalised quote for the items you require along with the freight required to deliver them to your chosen address. Please allow for time differences when requesting a quote; it is unlikely that we will be able to reply to your enquiry immediately.

Please be aware that international freight charges from Australia are quite expensive. 

Q: I think I've found an error in one of the books / eResources I've purchased. What should I do?

A: You should definitely let us know! We cannot correct something of which we are not aware!

Please email the team to with the name of the publication in which you found the error, the page it is on and what you believe to be incorrect and we'll assess from there.  

Q: My school is interested in buying some of your resources, but we want to see them before committing to the purchase. Do you have any display copies you can send out?

A: No, unfortunately this is not a service that we offer. We strongly recommend that you either stop by the SASTA office and browse our display copies there, or make a point of visiting the SASTA stand at either the SASTA Annual Conference and Expo (annually in April) or the STEM 6-11 Conference (annually in late November). Staff always bring the available display copies from the office for conference attendees to browse. You can also purchase items in small quantities onsite at these events.

Q: I'm attending a SASTA workshop / event soon; can I place an online order and collect it at that event?

A: Yes! Providing your order has been pre-paid online, we would absolutely encourage you to do this. Especially if it is not convenient for you to come to the SASTA office to shop in person. When ordering online, simply tick the "Pick up from SASTA" option so that you don't pay for shipping; then email the team to let them know that you'd like to collect it and from which event.

NB: we recommend that only individual orders are placed for collection in this manner.

You must have finalised any order that you wish to collect at an event by 4pm on the last business day before you attend (i.e. if your event is on Monday, your order needs to be placed and finalised by 4pm on the Friday before).

If you're wanting to place a bulk order for your school, please contact the team prior to ordering - depending upon the size of your order, it may not be feasible for SASTA staff to transport bulk orders to event venues.

If your question has not been answered above, please email the team on