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Membership subscriptions and renewals for 2020 are now open!

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SASTA membership runs from 1st January to 31st December each year. Should you not have renewed by 31st December, your membership will simply expire; however, you can rejoin at any time. Simply log in, head to the members' area, then click on Manage Membership. 

All membership rates are discounted from 1st July to 31st October and renewals for the following year will be available in November. 

New members joining in November or December will have immediate membership benefits.

Benefits of SASTA Membership

  • Discounts to the SASTA annual conference, CONASTA (the national science teachers conference), and other SASTA professional learning workshops

  • Recognition of teacher excellence through the SASTA Medal and SASTA Outstanding Teacher Awards

  • Regular newsletters and journals with updates from teachers around the state, notice of upcoming events, special programs and competitions

  • Notification of student lectures and seminars, workshops and exam post-mortems

  • Access to members only section of the SASTA website

  • FREE member only excursions

  • Monthly prize giveaways

  • Mentoring opportunities

As a SASTA member, you are automatically a member of the Australian Science Teacher’s Association (ASTA), giving you priority access to:

  • National Science Projects and Teacher Awards
  • Professional standards for educators of science
  • Networking nationally and internationally

Categories & Rates Member Benefits
Membership Category Rate SASTA Journal SASTA Newsletter
& E-news
ASTA Teaching
Science Journal
SASTA Members
Area Access
Discounts for
Professional Learning Events
Personal $130  +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personal - Lab Officer $120 +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Joint (Husband / Wife /
De facto)
$175 +$33pa Yes
(1 copy)
(1 copy)
Yes Yes
Retired $120 +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Student $39 +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
NEW in 2020:
1st Year of Teaching
$59 +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
NEW in 2020:
2nd Year of Teaching
$99 +$33pa Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corporate (Schools, Institutions & Businesses) $230 +$33pa Yes
(1 copy)
(1 copy)
20 registered users Only for registered
users added to the account by the Primary User

Some of our public events / resources include:

Oliphant Science Awards (OSA)

Each year, SASTA conducts the State’s most prestigious and longest running student science awards, the Oliphant Science Awards (OSA). Named in honour of Sir Mark Oliphant, patron of these Awards until his death in 2000, these Awards bring students from across the State together to celebrate science by pursuing their own scientific curiosity. Students report on their scientific endeavours in ways they themselves enjoy, such as, written reports, photographic essays, poster presentations and multimedia displays. More information about the Oliphant Science Awards can be obtained by visiting the OSA website at

National Science Week (NScWk)

National Science Week (NScWk) is celebrated across Australia during August each year with many events organised at both national and State levels. ASTA awards grants each year for specific NScWk projects. Funding is limited and grant applications can be made via the ASTA website with applications closing in April. For more information on National Science Week and the resources available, visit the ASTA website.

SASTA Resources

SASTA provides many quality resources each year for educators at every level of science education. In addition to the SASTA Newsletter and SASTA Journal, SASTA publishes the highly acclaimed and widely used SASTA Study Guides, which are used by senior students across the State. To see a full list of the resources available from SASTA please visit the Resources page


Questions on membership?

You may find the answer to your question here. If the answer to your question is not on that page, please contact us.